Sales Tax / Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT / Sales Tax are state level taxes levied on sale of goods (including computer software), work contract and hiring of goods. Since the introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax), compliance requirement have increased manifold and require expert services for maintenance of records and calculation of tax liability. Ahuja &


Ahuja provide the following services for compliance with VAT / Sales Tax:

  • Registration with VAT / Sales Tax Authorities
  • Filing of Periodical Returns and calculation of tax liability
  • Assisting with other VAT / Sales Tax compliances
  • Procurement of Statutory Forms
  • VAT Planning and Advisory Services
  • Representation for Assessment, Appeals, References etc.

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Vat Registration

The Value Added Tax(VAT) is a form of the indirect tax, and takes into account the multiple sales taxes connected with a product. VAT reckons the sales taxes in a different manner, but includes the taxes comprehensively.


Persons liable to pay taxes


Any person or body who, for the purposes of or consequential to his involvement in or in connection with his occupation or business, buys or sells goods or products directly or indirectly, whether for cash or for deferred payment or for commission, remuneration or other valuable consideration and includes.

  • Any mercantile of other agent, broker, or commission agent.
  • A resident or non-resident dealer or his agent.
  • A society, co-operative or otherwise, or institution, association, or club.
  • A casual trader or even an auctioneer.
  • An organization, institution, banking or insurance companies, if they are involved in buying, selling, or supplying goods.
  • A person or organization who disposes any type of goods or products as unclaimed or confiscated, or unserviceable or scrap, surplus, old or antiquated, obsolete or as discarded or rejected material or waste goods or products by way or process of sale.