International Transfer Pricing


Transfer Pricing : Services in India

We have a host of professionals who has been assisting us in best possible manner to offer services of Transfer Pricing in India. These transfer pricing services help the clients in calculating the alternative business structures from a transfer pricing planning perspective for optimized allocation of revenues between the group entities.


These services are affected by the following transaction:

  • Any international transactions with any of its group companies
  • Any inter-company transactions affecting the operating results
  • Render services to/receive services from affiliates free of charge
  • Pay or/ receive charges pertaining to intangibles or cost allocations
  • Has your company been incurring operating losses over the past few years
  • Are you a multinational corporation currently structuring your business plan
  • Are you restructuring global operations as a result of changing global conditions

Compliance and Documentation

Providing assistance in various aspects of transfer pricing documentation preparation and compliance we prepare transfer pricing study which is supported by appropriate sound technical positions reduces the risk of a possible tax contingency.



Controversy Resolution

As a customer satisfaction oriented firm, we have gained expertise in offering transfer pricing audit management and assistance in handling competent authority negotiations.



Managing Risk

Assessing the current transfer pricing policies helps us in overcoming our clients from possible future inquiries from revenue authorities. These services help our clients in reducing the potential risks which can be evaluated for implementation of appropriate corrective actions. Through these services, we have been offering global controversy solutions and resources and confidently addressing this dynamic issue with confidence.



Integrated Tax Planning

We have gained expertise in providing solutions to international business for comprehensively assessing tax position and driving benefits when our clients deal with us. Combining planning, coordination and execution of tax strategies for devising flexible solutions that effectively address business changes we have been helping our clients while providing them proper consultation to our clients.



Back Ground

The services that we offer are based on the Increasing participation of multi-national groups in economic activities which has given rise to newer and complex issues emerging from transactions entered into between two or more enterprises belonging to the same multi-national group.

Working with a vision of providing detailed statutory framework leading to computation of reasonable, fair and equitable profits and tax in India, we have been working on the set guidelines and acts as incorporated by the Indian government.



Ahuja & Ahuja advise our clients in such a way by predicting the unpredictable tax risk and to reduce the tax burden from transfer prices by avoiding legally and thereby, enhancing their global resources and profit margins. Our transfer pricing experts exploit market-based transfer pricing techniques (market risk, business risk, functional analysis, Assets Analysis, value-chain, supply chain management and business structure analysis, industry analysis, analysis on data bases etc.), benchmarking study, and exact assessment methodologies to design inter-company transfer pricing policies adopted in sound business approach and well-established similar industry’s principles.



What we can do in claiming your transfer pricing benefits:

  • Contact us to prepare a transfer pricing study
  • Contact us to provide analysis on comparables
  • Contact us to provide a protest to the TP-audit
  • Contact us to handle matters in appellate stages
  • Contact us to provide legal briefs / advises on tax avoidance while entering international transactions
  • Contact us to find a way out of the legal morass
  • Contact us to provide in-house training, drafting agreements, and billing methodologies.

We also guide customers on Transfer Pricing Study and document their global companies’ businesses, inter-company dealings in agreement with the tax regulation authority in the related countries in which they are functioning. Turbo TaxGuru’s offers a more realistic and dependable solutions that help clients / companies to fulfill authoritarian requirements and to maintain with arm’s length standards.We also provide practical and consistent solutions on various risk appraisal and tp strategy on different risks that guide clients to complete regulatory requirements and fulfill with arm’s length standards.