Income Tax Consultancy

Ahuja & Ahuja provide all kind of Income Tax services at throughout Delhi and NCR in India.

We undertake PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card Services, TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Accountant Number) Services, Income Tax Filing, Filing of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), Sales Tax Registration, Service Tax Registration, Partnership Firms Registration, Filing of Income Tax, VAT Registration Service, Filing of Sales Tax Returns VAT (Value Added Tax) & TOT (Tax On Turnover), Filing of Service Tax, Books of Accounts and all other accounting related services.


Why We Pay TAX?

Everyone pays taxes mostly from their income and sales. But why do we pay these taxes?

There are reasons as to why we have to pay taxes to the government of India. These reasons are:

The Government of India uses your tax to support manipulate the economy.


Our Government is giving services to the people with using tax. These are social security, provision of public goods and services, health care, national defense and social services such as food stamps and housing. And also provides public schools, safe highways, health care, water, police and fire protection to our country. So give support to the economy to grow high and as usual your business by paying tax to the Government of India.


We also advice our clients to plan tax, as tax planning is very much required in any business and represent their cases before tax authorities, for Assessments, Appeals, Search & Seizure cases to handle them more efficiently.